Analysis of the face: photography of the face 2D and 3D


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Course design

This course is designed as a practical guide to facial skin care and facial anti-ageing treatments. Medical and non medical therapists willing to understand the way the face changes with ageing and how to assess it, are invited to follow this course. Corporate board members, marketing and sales people, staff members and managers of aesthetic clinics, journalists and bloggers and schoolteachers will benefit from this course too.

Course content

This 4 hours course will guide you through all the 5 pillars of an ageing face. Starting from the ideal situation and proportions, the face changes with the years. These changes are classified in 5 distinct categories, the 5 pillars. An assessment and evaluation of each of those pillars is the basis of facial analysis. Each face receives a diagnosis that corresponds with the needs of the face of that patient. The course is followed by a live demonstration of facial analysis using 2D and 3D pictures, and the therapeutic solution for each type of deviation.

Course benefits

This course will give you practical insight of how evaluate the facial condition and what treatment to choose by knowing what to look for. These guidelines will save your time during the consultation and pinpoint immediately the most obvious points to correct.

A certificate and book is provided on completion. Price is 300€ per person for groups with a minimum of 12 people till a maximum of 20 people.


Over de coach…

Dr. Med. Ilan Karavani

Dr. Karavani houdt zich momenteel bezig met de research en ontwikkeling van nieuwe technieken in de huidverzorging, dit zowel op het vlak van actieve bestanddelen in cosmetica op maat als op het vlak van high-tech behandelingen uitgevoerd in de Carpe kliniek te Antwerpen. Zijn onderricht en advies in de kliniek staan garant voor de hoogstaande kwaliteit van de zorgen.


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