Cosmetische ingrepen die celebs stiekem ondergaan

Een botoxgezicht of volledig strak getrokken gezicht is uit. Celebs laten wel plastische chirurgie uitvoeren, maar dit mag geen zichtbare sporen meer achterlaten. Onder meer Sarah Jessica Parker en Gwyneth Paltrow en Jennifer Aniston ondergaan volgens experts stiekem de nieuwste cosmetische behandelingen.

Hollywood secrets to looking younger

So you want to look younger? Me too. If you are like me, you’re constantly surprised when you find out how old some of Hollywood’s hottest and still-working celebrities are.

Angelina glowing skin secret revealed

It sounds like an implement of torture, but a spiky roller is thought to be the secret to Angelina Jolie’s plump, glowing skin. The dermaroller, covered in tiny steel spikes, leaves thousands of pin pricks over the skin. The idea is that this causes trauma to the outer layer and stimulates the repair process, boosting […]